The Western Cape Pigeon Transport Association (WCPTA) was formed in 1997 and currently provides transport to the following pigeon organisations:

Boland Duiwe Unie (BDU)*

Boland Spesialiste Duiwe Unie (BSDU)

North Road Homing Union (NRHU)*

South Peninsula Homing Union  (SPHU)*

South Western Pigeon Combine (SWPC)

Western Province Homing Union (WPHU)*

Wynberg District Homing Union (WU)


Races are flown from Laingsburg up to a 1000km on the N1 and N12.

There are ~ 250 members with ~ 5000 birds racing per weekend.

Currently there is a limit of 20 birds per member for the main race.


* Founding members.